The Global Night Commute

If you never read another one of my posts again – PLEASE – do not miss this one.

"The Global Night Commute is a worldwide event organized by
the Invisible Children Inc. organization. The Global Night Commute which will take
place on April 29th will feature people from around the world
converging in urban centers in solidarity with the displaced Ugandan children
attempting to avoid capture by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), as is
prominently displayed in the film, “Invisible Children”. The Global Night
Commute will involve the trek of thousands of men, women and children from
around the world into major cities where they will mimic the nightly commute of
the Ugandan children by marching en masse from one point to another and
sleeping at their final destination for the entire night. The Commute is scheduled
to occur in most majors cities in the United States. The goal of the
movement is to raise awareness and ultimately end Africa’s longest running
conflict by facilitating a change in the policies of the United States government in regard
to the situation."

The Global Night Commute Commercial:

A message from me:
Now that you can’t say you didn’t know do the next step by making your
voice heard because these children can’t speak for themselves.

I don’t expect you to nor should you feel obligated to participate in the actual commute on the 29th, but I do encourage you to write a letter to President Bush and to your State Senators in response to these horrifying events taking place in Uganda. You can even write the letters and just send them to me and I will make sure they get where they need to go. If
you plan to do so PLEASE let me know as soon as possible. We cannot
keeping ignoring the magnitude of these crimes on children and others
in Uganda.

For more information, download the details of the event below or visit Within this file you will find information on what to write… where to write… and what else you can do to help.

The Global Night Commute/Invisible Children Details

Thank you.


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