Accountability is like a Good Seatbelt

I stumbled upon this video on a friend’s facebook wall Friday afternoon and was blown away.

Check it out (it’s only about a minute-thirty):

Seriously, I’ve watched it about 8 times now and still get goosebumps. Not because of the importance of the seatbelt campaign in and of itself (though very cool), but because of the parallels I see between the concept and addiction accountability/support.

Just like a seatbelt, accountability can protect you from poor decisions, your eyes stray from focus as well as in situations that are absolutely unexpected—and you’re headed off the road. The support of an accountability partner can literally rescue you at your most vulnerable times—by being available for you to talk to no matter what.

They can pick you up, dust you off and help you get back on road to recovery.

So, if you’re addicted to pornography or another sexual sin I highly encourage, nay, urge you to find a person in your life who can serve as an accountability/support system.

You won’t believe how much easier walking this road is when you’re not walking it alone.

Share a story about how accountability has helped you.

Be sure to check out the DGM Forum. Some awesome discussions are taking place there and is a unique opportunity to connect with other women who also have a history of pornography addiction. And you thought you were the only one…

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Side note: I have no idea why the girl in the video is wearing pixie wings.


  1. I really enjoyed the video. It is weird how no one ever really knows it is an addiction until it is right in front of you as big as day.

  2. I’ve been in recovery from porn/sex addiction for 15 years now. I have an accountability partner as well as Covenant Eyes on my computer (it sends a report of every website I visit to my AP). I can’t tell you how many times knowing that she would know where I went kept me from falling. Bringing light to the addiction makes it lose its power.

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