Another 25 Random Things (With a Twist)

// first, some have asked how my talk last tuesday went. i personally think it went really well for my first time and it was a blast!! if you want to watch the message you can. here’s the main message and also a Q&A i participated in. enjoy… //

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My last 25 Random Things post was kinda fun so I thought I would try it again… but this time a bit more random and with a twist.

One of the 25 random things below is actually a lie. *Can anyone guess which one? The only prize is bragging rights.

1. I love the smell of Kinko’s and most other printer/paper stores.
2. I am strongly considering adopting a Pescatarian lifestyle.
3. I am scared of bridges… and dead trees.
4. It doesn’t matter when or where, if You’ve Got Mail is on — I will stop whatever I am doing and watch it.
5. I have strict Twitter rules. Post coming soon.
6. I have great finger nails, but for some reason my thumbs get the brunt of my anxiety.
7. I only like pizza if it is from frozen and baked incredibly crisp… almost burnt.
8. The number of emails in my personal inbox must always remain under 10.
9. I would prefer to always be barefoot.
10. I love a really good sneeze.
11. I enjoy watching Hannah Montana.
12. When I was around the age of 12, my mom thought it would be a good idea to wax my eyebrows. I am now permanently missing 1/4 of my right eyebrow and I have to draw it on every day.
13. I am allergic to strawberries.
14. I love to nap but generally take ones far longer than I originally intend to.
15. As much as I would like to use the “Stickies” widget on my Macbook Pro instead of actual Post-its, nothing beats the real deal. I love crinkling them up and tossing them into the trashcan when a task is accomplished. And that’s about the only thing non-electronic I use anymore.

*Congrats, Jennifer Suter! You guessed it! I’ve actually never broken a bone in my life. I am just freakishly ambidextrous by nature. Weird, huh?

16. When I was a kid, I favored my left hand but after breaking my left arm, I was forced into right-handedness.

Feel free to keep sharing your 2 truths and lie… and I will keep guessing.

17. I love chapstick but lip gloss totally freaks me out. Too sticky.
18. I use Google at least once a day as a spellchecker, as a dictionary and/or as a thesaurus.
19. I am really good at using chopsticks but I still can’t figure out how to neatly eat rice with them.
20. Talking on the phone is one of my least favorite things to do in the world. Especially on a cell phone.
21. There was a time in my life when I had long curly, brown hair that reached all the way to the middle of my back.
22. I am ambidextrous.
23. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV but if I find a show I like, it becomes an obsession. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who knows more than me about FRIENDS, Sex and the City, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.
24. I pursued meteorology as my first major in college. Followed by music. Followed by business. Followed by nothing. But am now, almost 6 years later… considering a counseling certification program that looks quite promising.
25. I have never once opened presents on Christmas morning.

Because I love getting to know each other better… it is your turn. Share 3 random things about yourself — BUT MAKE ONE OF THEM A LIE. And I will be the one doing the guessing. So, check back. I will post my guesses in the comment section.


  1. ok first off #3–hahahahahaha. Seriously, good memories.
    Second, I love that i knew every single one of these with the exception of maybe 2 or 3…which narrows down the “lie” to only a few…so i’ve got a 50-50 chance.

    I’m going to say that you don’t necessarily enjoy watching hannah montana?

  2. Oh, you’ve stumped me on the lie…I know which one’s aren’t lies…but I still don’t know enough for the lie to be easily detectable.

    I’m gonna go with 20…just because.

    On to me though (haha)
    1. I am allergic to chicken feathers.
    2. I regularly rode my bike over Charles Dickens’ son’s grave as a child.
    3. The only pet I had as a child was a tortoise named Norman.

  3. Crystal Renaud

    @Angie… wrong. i love hannah montana! 🙂

    @David… wrong! but my guess for you is the tortoise story. i looked up Dickens’ son on Wikipedia and he migrated to Australia so it is very well possible that you rode your bike on his grave. if anyone would, it would be you. i don’t know why i said that. oh, and you’re allergic to everything so i can just assume chicken feathers, too.

  4. #6 – I think your finger nails are all torn up. Just like mine. Tell me I’m not the only one!

    1. I ate butter sandwiches for lunch in grade school.

    2. I was voted best dressed in high school.

    3. The Office is my favorite show.

  5. you’re such a liar!

    1. I don’t like the chapstick brand because it feels waxy to me.
    2. The only sharpie I’ll use is the extra fine.
    3. My parents cut my eyelashes when I was a baby because they thought they would grow back longer.

  6. Crystal Renaud

    @Mandy … wrong! i have great nails. except my thumbs. really. and i am going to say that The Office is not your favorite show.

    @Jenni … you didn’t guess, retard. and i am going to guess that #1 is a lie.

  7. i’ll do my own random 25 with a twist list too. =)

    #23. im the same way. i only watch friends & 24 & the lakers…
    #24. meteorology?!?! niiiice!
    #25. is this the lie?

  8. Tina

    I think you love bridges and dead trees!!!

    Am I right??

    1) I’ve never had oatmeal.
    2) I was mugged in a K-mart parking lot by 2 perps.
    3) I was in a coma and told I would never regain brain activity.

  9. Kim Manford

    #9 is the lie??? I think you actually hate to be barefoot, and actually, I love a great sneeze too!!!!!! Thanks for the challenge!

  10. ok, the barefoot thing and the chapstick thing were the others i was a little iffy on…but im gonna go with the barefoot thing, cuz i dont remember you ever saying that you just love your feet. so thats what im guessing now.

  11. oops. i forgot my three things with the lie
    1) i have no sense of smell
    2) i don’t like typing capital letters
    3) i majored in english

  12. Crystal Renaud

    @Tina … wrong! i am terribly scared of being on bridges and of dead trees that are covered by those bridges. its a long story.

    @Kim & @Angie … wrong! i love being barefoot. just maybe not in public. lol.

    @Tabitha & @Patricia … wrong! i have never once opened presents on Christmas morning. we grew up with a Christmas Eve tradition and still do.

  13. Crystal Renaud

    @Tabitha … my guess for you is #2 … because it would be ironic that you would type your whole comment in lowercase if you actually do love typing in capital letters.

  14. ok. i’m guessing #23.

    the lie was #3. i keep thinking about an english major but haven’t made it back to school yet.

  15. I’m guessing #7…although it’s strange enough that it is probably true! Here’s mine:

    1. I dislike cats because I don’t trust them
    2. I really don’t enjoy talking on the phone; I prefer face-to-face conversations when at all possible
    3. Never, ever, enjoyed chinese food until 5 years ago

  16. Crystal Renaud

    @Tabitha … wrong again. lol. but that’s okay. i was wrong about yours!

    @John … wrong! it is weird, i know. but so very true. i am guessing your lie is #1 – although i think cats are incredibly genuine. genuinely mean and hateful. lol.

  17. I don’t think #16 is true… I don’t remember you ever talking about breaking a bone, and all the others seem true…

    I can’t tell you any lies, because you know everything about me… But I’ll try!

    1. I was born without wisdom teeth, an appendix or tonsils.
    2. I love a glass of white wine.
    3. I need to see the ocean at least once a year, it keeps me sane and grounded.

    Good luck my friend!

  18. I’ll guess #7

    I’m really good friends with a former teen idol.
    I’d like to be a foster parent again after more kids move out.
    I’m really shy.

  19. Crystal Renaud

    @Jennifer … congratulations, Suter!!! you guessed it correctly.

    #16 is the lie! i’ve actually never broken a bone in my life. i am just freakishly ambidextrous by nature. weird, huh?

  20. Crystal Renaud

    @Sarah … i am guessing #3. you don’t seem the least bit shy to me.

  21. Crystal Renaud

    @Tina … i think #2 is the lie. you would NEVER shop at KMart. Oh wait, that’s me. lol. i still think #2.

  22. Tina

    You K-mart snob! LOL! You got something against “blue light specials”?? 🙂

  23. My #1 is completely true…I completely distrust cats! Sure, they look all furry and cuddly, but you never know when they’ll pounce. My lie is #3…i think chinese food is yummmm. i love me some sesame chicken!

  24. Roxanne

    ok nevermind i thought there were 3 lies to look for. All i remember is you graduating highschool and working for Westside. I VAGUELY remember you did some college stuff now. 🙂 Speaking of Hannah Mont, I took 5 girls , Jacob, Daniel & Lydia too to the movie. First time I ever watched the darn show. I actually liked how they did the movie. You would like it!

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